About Us

SISTERS SERVING YOU & Trying Sum’tin Nu!


Ashanta, a talented chef, and Cikethia, a hilarious comedian put on a cooking show like you’ve never seen before. Great tasting recipes you can do at home and characters like you probably find in your own family.

The Sisters Serving You: Comedy Kitchen is an online cooking show with Chef Ashanta Sellers and her “special” guests played by Cikethia.

You can often find The Sisters serving the community and selling their wonderful food and pop-ups and community events around the DMV area.  They are also available for catering as well.

You never know what you’re going to get in SSU: Comedy Kitchen, but it will always taste good!

You can catch their videos and recipes at ssucomedykitchen.com

Try Sum'tin Nu!


From the kitchen of Chef Ahsanta, the great combination of flavors that is now known as Try Sum’tin Nu barbecue sauces.

The name for the sauce and its tagline “who puts those two together” was birth from a conversation about flavor combinations like the Mango & Scotch Bonnet sauce. Really, who puts those two together?

Our barbecue sauce makes people think outside the box. We desired to create a different taste so that people would want to expand their ideas on food combinations and try something new with their food.  That’s what we’re about with our food and life as well!
The sauces come in 4 flavors with differing levels of spice, but all with unique and unexpected flavors.

The sauces reflect our approach to food. Our food is for people that eat the same old thing! We desire to open them up to Try Sum’tin Nu!

Wrap Your Love

At Sisters Serving You, we believe in the power of love, compassion, and making a positive impact in our community. Inspired by the memory and passion of our father, who instilled in us a deep sense of care for others, we’ve created “Wrap Your Love.” 

Our commitment to the community goes beyond the kitchen. Wrap Your Love is our non-profit arm, an extension of the love and warmth we aim to spread. We understand the challenges faced by the unhoused in our community, especially during the cold months, and we’re dedicated to making a difference.

Twice a year, we provide nourishing meals for displaced persons, ensuring they experience a moment of warmth and comfort amid life’s struggles. It’s a small act that holds profound significance.

In the winter, on the coldest nights, we hit the streets armed with blankets, gloves, and hand warmers. Our goal is to provide essential items that bring not only physical warmth but also a reminder that they are seen, valued, and cared for.

Legacy and Business with Purpose

For us, Wrap Your Love isn’t just a program; it’s a continuation of our legacy and an integral part of our business. Our father’s belief in giving to the less fortunate echoes in every blanket we share, every meal we serve, and every hand we extend.

Some of the blankets collected from the Blankets for Bites blanket drive.

Our Dad was big on giving to the less fortunate.

This is apart of our legacy which is apart of our business.