Veggie Members

Cikeithia Berry


Cikethia is the creative idea beside the chef. When my mom was sick Ashanta mentioned she wanted a food truck. Well I was all to ready to help! I knew we needed to get her food out there. So while working for a large transit company I knew that would be the beginning. Thus the birth of Sisters Serving You. After our mom passed I didn’t want her to become idle so we jumped in. Selling meals to bus operators then life happened and we stopped. Coworkers would ask when we would be starting again and I didn’t have an answer. Then I came up with the cooking channel “ Sisters Serving You comedy kitchen.” What can I say I believed we were on to something. The obstacles came with scheduling my job and hers. Then we started again with the food at my job in a different department. Another hit and people wanting more.

LaTonya Sellers

Eldest Sister

LaTonya as the eldest is behind the scenes believing and offering Finances (when needed) Sisters Serving you is founded from one Sister having a dream and the other sisters believing in it!

Ashanta Sellers


Ashanta started her love for cooking when our mom got sick. She wanted to find ways to make her food more flavorful w/o the salt and because of the diabetes. So, 2001 she quit her basketball coaching job to stay at home and fix mom health options. Watching the food channel she started altering recipes and out of that her passion grew. We were invited to support a friend she was being honored by “ women in business in Baltimore. Women began sharing things about their businesses so Ashanta was gently forced by sis (Cikeithia) to get up and share. Cikethia started by saying how wonderful Ashanta sauce is and that she needed help to get the business to the next level. Well that’s when Malaika (dreadz and headz said she could help. Ashanta told her she wanted to put mangoes in her barbecue sauce with scotch bonnet peppers and Strawberries in another one. Malakia right then and there said “ who puts those two together?“ Shanta expressed that people should be willing to try different foods and flavors. Later that evening Malaika stated the name of the sauce should be “TrySumtin Nu. Three weeks later we rolled out our sauces. Ashanta treats people's food the way she likes to eat. With every bite you will experience the love of her creativity!